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Hoardganize Podcast

The Hoardganize Podcast is for anyone overwhelmed with clutter. Whether you suffer from hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization, or just plain not know how to organize, this show is for you.

Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey shares stories from her experience with helping thousands of people let go of clutter. Home organization tips that help you declutter and get organized, in a way that's easy to maintain.

Apr 5, 2021

On Tonight's Hoardganize Podcast, Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey interviews Diane Quintana and Jonda Beattie about their new book "Filled up and Overflowing - What to do When Life Events, Chronic Disorganization, or Hoarding Go Overboard".

Filled Up & Overflowing was written to help you and your family members, friends and spouses find answers to questions and concerns about the safety and comfort of their loved one in their space.

Filled Up & Overflowing was written to help you and your family members, friends and spouses find answers to questions and concerns about the safety and comfort of their loved one in their space.

Diane N. Quintana is a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of DNQ Solutions, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a seasoned productivity and organizing expert in her field.  Diane led the organizing team for an episode of A&E Hoarders show in 2011. She gave several after-care productivity and organizing sessions for the segment participant. Diane has been featured in Real Simple Magazine and has appeared on the Atlanta Friends and Neighbors Show.

Speaker and Author:

An accomplished speaker and author of four books including Flying Solo: A Guide to Organizing Your Home When You Leave Your Parents’ Nest and Now What? A Simple Organizing Guide, Diane most recently co-authored the illustrated children’s books Suzie’s Messy Room and Benji’s Messy Room with Jonda Beattie.

Diane is a mother and former elementary school teacher. She has lived and worked in four countries including Asia and the United States. 

Diane teaches professional men and women and working families how to become organized. She provides them with strategies and solutions for maintaining order in their busy lives. Diane specializes in residential and home-office organizing and productivity strategies in metropolitan Atlanta and in working with people challenged by ADD, Hoarding, and chronic disorganization.

Jonda Beattie of Time Space Organization

(TSO) knows firsthand about people, organizational skills and time management. She began her teaching career at 19, served as the lead Special Education teacher in Dekalb County for 3 years and taught in the public-school system for 30 years. She uses her listening and problem-solving skills, knowledge of different learning techniques, ADHD specialization and paper management skills to help tackle tough organizational issues.

A one-time military wife, mother of two, divorced parent, widow and caretaker of an elderly parent, Jonda understands how change affects life. She helps clients organize their space and manage their time before, during and after life transitions such as job changes, health issues, divorce, combined households, downsizing, and children leaving or returning home.

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