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Hoardganize Podcast

The Hoardganize Podcast is for anyone overwhelmed with clutter. Whether you suffer from hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization, or just plain not know how to organize, this show is for you.

Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey shares stories from her experience with helping thousands of people let go of clutter. Home organization tips that help you declutter and get organized, in a way that's easy to maintain.

Feb 17, 2020

On this episode of The Hoardganize Podcast, Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey discusses why massive action is the cure all for clutter.

On this episode you will learn how to:
1. Create a vision of the organized life you want to live.
2. Understand why it is you want to be organized and what gifts being organized will bring.
3. Chunk organizing projects into manageable bits, and come up with an overall strategy on how to organize each space or room.

Make sure you have a pen and paper because there are exercises that you will need to write down and reflect upon.

Stop living in chaos and start raising your standards and take action today!

Need coaching or hands on help? Rachel provides organizational coaching to Collectors all over the world. Rachel will help you understand why you clutter and how to overcome living in chaos with a step by step custom plan. To hire Rachel as your Coach for Clutter visit