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Hoardganize Podcast

The Hoardganize Podcast is for anyone overwhelmed with clutter. Whether you suffer from hoarding disorder, chronic disorganization, or just plain not know how to organize, this show is for you.

Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey shares stories from her experience with helping thousands of people let go of clutter. Home organization tips that help you declutter and get organized, in a way that's easy to maintain.

Apr 16, 2018

On this episode of the Hoardganize Podcast, Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey discusses the four letter f word that is holding you back from the life you deserve - FEAR. Listen to the five most common fears that Collectors have about letting things go and five tips to combat those fears so that you can create the organized life you have always desired.

Barbara Comer
five and a half years ago

I appreciate your podcasts and i will try to catchup and continue to follow. Thank you for your consideration and concern for us “Collectors”.

Veronica Shmidt
five and a half years ago

This is one of your best podcasts yet Rachel! Keep up the great work.